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Our seasoned team combines creativity and research to curate your vision into a reality.  We offer comprehensive and customized products in the professional and retail beauty industry. We work with only the best in the industry to bring you sound, safe, innovative products that are sustainable for success.  

Start by telling us about your dreams and goals by filling our this quick questionnaire and submit it to us for review.  


After you have filled out the form and signed the NDA,  we have a consultation call to learn more about your project.


After you finish your consultation with us, we will send you a detailed quote for approval. 


Once the quote is approved, you will receive a service agreement to sign. We will also send an official invoice digitally. We accept all credit cards, checks or cash.


Once the service agreement has been signed, we request that a 50% deposit of the total cost of the project is made to reserve your project. After the deposit has been made, we will schedule your start date and call top get started.


On the next call, the finer details of your project will be discussed such as specific ingredients, benchmark products, and target function of the formula. 


Three weeks after your last call, you will receive your first sample in the mail. Before we send the sample, we are doing research on your project and ordering materials needed. This sample is for you to test to see if it meets your expectations.


If the sample is approved, the final balance of the invoice is due. If not, you will have two additional opportunities for revisions to the formula. These revisions will be sent as samples in the mail to you.


Upon approval and payment, we will begin to procure quantities, manufacturing, packaging, and finished good pricing.


When ready, we will need  50% deposit on finished goods.  Once all manufacturing is completed the remaining balance is due and products are shipped to you.

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